Funparey is an online portal that makes it easy for you to shop whatever you want/like without the need to go run errands for it. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s time-saving. Still not convinced? Discover all about the Funparey Website only at now to get satisfy all your queries today!

Funparey is a Novelty Store that offers a diverse inventory of Art and Handicrafts gathered from all over Pakistan.As an organization, we support the Artisans of Pakistan who transpire their creativity into beautiful works of art.As creativity enthusiasts and aesthetes, we believe in giving creative minds their due credit and propel this community of artisans worldwide under the banner of “MADE IN PAKISTAN”

Funparey is made up of a group of travellers, bloggers, photographers, collectors and investors, seeking the best there is that artisans from every corner of this country have to offer and present it to the masses at the right price.



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