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    Vera Rizvi

    I have had a horrible experience recently with these guys !! They put me through torture and that too for my own money .. tried to scam me as well… there response time to emails or msgs is 3 days if not more .. and they say 24 hrs on their website which is nothing but a deceitful statement.
    Here is my story.. I placed an order in mid July 2020.. the amount came to be 79,449 pkr .. so I tried to make a payment via their regular debit/credit method .. this method accepts USD .. that’s fine as I was using a USD credit card .. but guess what that their method of payment added extra $40 USD on top of amount equivalent to 79,449 pkr ..I informed them and told them this is a rip off especially when I am using a USD CREDIT CARD. I shouldn’t be charged 40$ extra ! Anyways they suggested to use Western Union or Zoom transfer . Folks don’t use zoom transfer as their exchange rates are the worst ($50 CAD EXTRA BECAUSE OF THEIR EXCHANGE RATES)and on top of that they charge a fee. I ended up doing WU .. not best rate either but at this point it was my only choice.

    So using WU I paid $653.05 CAD. I then provided them detailed instructions MULTIPLE TIMES … for all my outfits … their response time was unbelievably slow.. slow frustrating and annoying .. 24 hrs response time what a big fat lie!!
    Anyways long story short they ended up cancelling my order without asking me and the official statement they said that their stitching team can’t seem meet your requested requirements so they will cancel my order as they don’t want to disappoint me .. I replied that wow! If you actually carried original brands then stitching shouldn’t be an issue as I have sent you unboxing videos of the products directly from the brand .. every single embellishment and pieces are provided as the brand says and shows in their videos .. this shouldn’t be any issue if you carried original brands.. anyways I this point I had lost faith in their stitching department and THEREFORE HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO GO ALONG WITH THEIR DECISION OF CANCELLING MY ORDER.. by the way this whole process last for the entire month of August 2020!!

    Now let’s talk about the horrible refund story .. this took another 3 weeks to get my refund which they didn’t do and I ended up losing 60$!!

    At first they kept asking me for a local account, I obviously don’t have that .. then I asked them to do a name transfer via WU or MoneyGram and they agreed.. then I don’t know what changed they asked for a local account again !! I told them again that look I don’t have local bank account just do name transfer .. this went on for a bit .. then they said WU name transfer is what they will do .. I said ok ..

    2-3 days past no update from them and then they started making up fake WU policies .. said they require my NICOP to do the name transfer. I told them A STRICT NO AS THIS NOT A WESTERN UNION POLICY! It is Cleary stated on WU policies for Pakistan Whats needed for a name transfer .. and ONLY NAME IS NEEDED!! I had to send them screenshots proving that they are making up fake policies .. or whomever they went to do the transfer is scamming .. this went on for A WEEK!!!
    I had to do their job properly and guide them on how to do my refund when they said they will take care of the whole issue. They made me beg for my own money for about 3 WEEKS UNTIL THEY DID THE REFUND WHICH WASN’T EVEN THE AMOUNT I HAD PAID !!!

    THEY REFUNDED ME $592.70 Cad which is equal to pkr 79,449 BUT I ACTUALLY PAID $653.05 CAD!! There is a difference of 60$ In my refund
    I kept saying that my refund is 653.05 CAD BECAUSE THATS WHAT I PAID TO YOUR SUGGESTED METHOD OF PAYMENT … WU to get product delivered to me .. but you failed to deliver , your stitching failed to stitch .. this transaction fell through from SELLER’S END NOT BUYER’S END.. then you should eat the cost not me the customer specially when it’s you who cancelled the order not me !! THE ONLY MISTAKE I MADE WAS TO TRUST YOU GUYS AND BOUGHT PRODUCTS FROM YOUR STORE !! I should not pay for your fall through and your mistakes!

    THERE IS ZERO RESPONSE NOW!! And this is going on for a week now.. I asked to speak with a manger as well but again ZERO RESPONSE!! They have business ethics or manners whatsoever .. instead of admitting that this transaction went bad because of error on their part, they are saying that the difference is because of the exchange rate !!! WOW!! Really!! To that I replied that this difference won’t exist IF YOU HAD KEPT YOUR END OF THE DEAL AND STITCHED MY PURCHASED PRODUCTS AND DELIVERED THEM TO ME, BUT YOU FAILED TO DO SO.. You made a commitment and then didn’t keep it .. they are not responding now!! I even said if you guys have a shred of business ethics and human decency then the least you could do is offer me 60$ store credit if you are not sending me my full refund .. ZERO REPLY AS OF TODAY 30 September 2020!!
    3 weeks of begging for my own money !! And saving myself from their made up WU Pakistan polices only to get a partial refund .. soooo disappointing!

    If I had known that these are their business ethics and manners.. ie make the customer pay for their own short comes and mistakes I would have NEVER BOUGHT ANYTHING FROM THEM!! They are thieves !! And liars !! And have no human decency and their customer services are unbelievably slow and non existent!

    If this review gets deleted then this review page is owned by sanaullah! I have all the emails to prove everything I have stated in this review

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