May 16, 2019

Buy Oxford Shoes in Pakistan

Your footwear narrates your personality and taste. One must have thorough knowledge about the quality and latest tends while purchasing shoes. When you want a new pair of shoes, nothing else comes up in mind other than Oxfords. It has never gone out of style up till the modern era.

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Buying genuine leather Oxford Shoes is still tricky as there are tons of fake iterations of Oxford Style Shoes in Pakistan and it becomes difficult to choose the sturdy shoe. However, Tens Shoes has turned this formidable job into an easier one. You can purchase a huge range of high quality Oxfords at affordable rates. These classic shoes are best suited with formal clothing but can also go well with casual settings.

Buy Oxford Shoes Online in Pakistan

Online shopping has experienced huge rise in past few years. We can order almost everything online but trusting every page and website is not worthy at all. One needs to be careful enough while shopping online. Always opt for trusted and famous brands when it comes to buying online. You can easily browse an array of stylish Oxford Shoes for Men in Pakistan on  This will turn out to be your all-time favorite online shopping spot.

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Types of Oxford Shoes in Pakistan

Oxford Shoes has a plenty of variations that you can opt for. They can simply make you stand out in a crowd of hundreds. They have a low heel, closed lacing system and sit easily beneath your feet. Your debonair 3 piece suit will be considered incomplete without Oxfords. Here we have listed various types of Oxford shoes:

1.      Plain-Toe Oxford Shoes

Plain Toe Oxford shoes are the elegant and classic kind of shoes. They are the formal ones that you can don for the business meetings and other formal gatherings. It gives off shiny and sleek appearance. It will remain the first choice of every Oxford’s lover.

2.      Cap-toe Oxford Shoes

Cap toe Oxford shoes are the most popular shoes that are being sold worldwide. It comes in various colors but its black variety is the best incarnation of Oxford Shoes. There is an extra piece of leather that is added around the toe box. They do have a heel cap that makes them different from other shoes. It is also known to be the evening shoes for the ones who can’t afford expensive footwear.

3.      Wingtip Oxford Shoes

Wingtip Oxfords have M –shaped toe cap and it makes them different from all other types. They can be worn on both formal and casual events. They were once considered to be the casual shoes but now they are being worn as formal shoes worldwide. Sophisticated and comfortable shoes are soul of every event. They often have decorated perforations on the tip.

You can easily Buy Oxford Shoes for Men in Pakistan Online. It doesn’t matter if you are residing in Lahore or Karachi, Tens shoes will deliver your product at your door step. Find the right pair that fits your personality and wardrobe.



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