September 29, 2021

Freelancing Payment Solutions In Pakistan

Freelancing Payment Solutions In Pakistan

Freelancer is one of the best platforms for making online money in Pakistan. There are significant categories where one can opt and work in a particular field. However, Most of project and contest in freelancer is related to IT and technology-related job.

PayPal payment method is no doubted one of the best payment methods for the digital world. But can we use PayPal in Pakistan?

Well, in the case of Pakistan, that is unfortunately true. Regardless of the Pakistani Govt. attempts to bring PayPal into its home, the payment company has refused to enter the Pakistani market. Freelancers in Pakistani now rank 4th in the global freelancing market. Due to the increasing potential of digital businesses, many alternatives have been started for freelancers in Pakistan.

With the growing risks of fraud and threats in digital payment solutions, choosing a secure payment system is complicated. So, freelancers must be cautious while choosing any payment method. Safety checks must be ensured while making such a decision. Many of them are reasonable PayPal alternatives in Pakistan. These payment methods offer various online transaction means that are convenient for freelancers.

Here we will discuss these alternatives payment solutions for freelancers in Pakistan.



Payoneer logo

Payoneer is genuinely a digital passport of a freelancer. It has business deals with global companies like Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour, and Getty Images.

Is Payoneer available in Pakistan? The good news is that now Jazz Cash has made a contract with Payoneer to facilitate the Pakistani freelancers. How to withdraw money from Payoneer in Pakistan?

Freelancers receive payments in US$, which they can turn into Pakistani currency at any VISA ATM. This payment method is secure and attached to the VISA.

Now, freelancers having a Payoneer account can withdraw money through any Jazz Cash point throughout the country.

Due to these factors, Payoneer in Pakistan is a symbol of growth for freelancers.

Skrill Card In Pakistan:

Skrill Card In Pakistan

Skrill is also one of the freelancer payment methods available, which was previously known as MoneyBookers. Most freelancers take advantage of Skrill as well.

Bank Transfer:

Pakistan’s most broadly adopted method for transferring and receiving money is conventional bank transfer. Users are filling out forms in banks and then deposit cash through their respective banks. This method is supposed safest in Pakistan and the reason for its use.

Moreover, users can do a bank transfer online by entering their online banking portal and filling out the bank transfer details.

Wire Transfer:

The wire transfer is an electronic method for transferring payments. The standard wire transfer is usually sent from one bank to another bank with a SWIFT code. This method is also regarded safest for transferring payments.

In Pakistan, wire transfers are done between customers using different banks. Unlike a bank transfer, a wire transfer is likely to cost more.

The standard time for a wire transfer to complete is between 1 business day and five business days. Just like a bank transfer, you can do it online or visit your local branch.

All you need is the receiver banking details and enough funds in your bank account to cover the sending fees and the amount you want to send.

Facebook Payment Methods In Pakistan:

Facebook is a great platform to promote your product, services to the target audience from Pakistan,

People love Facebook advertising because Facebook makes it easy to find the appropriate people, catch their attention and get results. You can pay to Facebook from Pakistan using credit cards or co-branded debit cards. Facebook also accept manual payment methods and payment through PayPal.

You can pay to Facebook through your Debit Card provided by any of your banks.

Fiverr Payment Method In Pakistan:

Fiverr is an excellent marketplace for those who know some skills, you can monetize your skills with a marketplace called Fiverr, in which you can assist a seller, and the buyer from worlds wide will buy and pay for that.

As far as the Fiverr payment method in Pakistan is concerned, there are two options you have to withdraw your Fiverr earning right in Pakistan.

1.  Using Fiverr MasterCard

2. Using Payoneer MasterCard

Freelancers are one of the essential working forces of a country. Especially when it comes to making money for the total revenue of a nation, it is determined in a report that Pakistani freelancers generate a calculated amount of $0.5 billion entirely from freelancing.

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