November 27, 2020

Cities Of Pakistan According To The Standard Of Living

Different way of Living in Pakistan Review

Standard of living plays a great part in determining the infrastructure that a certain city provides and the image that it gives out to foreigners, people think Karachi is on the top and the most advanced city of Pakistan but you might be wrong here.

Let’s talk about the major cities of Pakistan according to the standard of living 


Standard of living in IslamabadIslamabad is the capital of Pakistan and comes on top when it comes to the standard of living because of the obvious fact that it is the capital so the facilities and the infrastructure is the best here even Islamabad restaurants provide high-quality service which no other city provides and a lot of international restaurants come here first to open their branches because of the safety and the infrastructure that is available to the populace here.


Standard of Living in RawalpindiThe twin brother of Islamabad and the reason why it comes on the second number because of it being close to the capital and a lot of major housing society setting up there as well so it becomes the obvious choice for many people to opt for Rawalpindi as it is relatively cheaper to get a house here as compared to Islamabad.


Standard Living in LahoreKnown as the fort city and having a border with India it h10 as advanced in the infrastructure in the last years with new roads and state of the art housing schemes which have become a major reason for people shifting there from other parts of Pakistan. Lahore restaurants are known for the variety and taste of their food since Lahoris are well-known foodies so this market has been booming with international restaurants coming here as well so if you are a food lover and live in Lahore you have nothing to worry about.


Standard of Living in KarachiThe biggest city of Pakistan ad the city with the sea as well that gives it an edge if compared with Lahore and Islamabad. Karachi restaurants have always been a trademark and always come on top with the taste and quality and Karachi people are food lovers bigger than Lahore if I must say and that is why the restaurant market is huge and many new brands still coming in. Karachi comes on last due to the poor infrastructure but there have been some recent changes to advance these things and new housing societies are been set up because of this very reason.

So if you are thinking of shifting to any one of the cities mentioned above make sure you know all about it so that it is easier for you to make an informed decision.


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