September 11, 2020

Top 7 Online Payment Gateways in Pakistan

Online Payment Method

The E-commerce industry in Pakistan is in early stages; however, one crucial piece that has been missing for a long time while supporting the growth and ecosystem is enabling consumers to buy online via credit and debit cards. Considering the online startup business, the transaction cost is one of the essential factors to work out.

 What is the Online Payment Gateway?

 It is important to get proper knowledge of what is a payment gateway? For instance, a payment gateway performs like a middle-man service provider that accepts online payment activities such as e-commerce, online retailing, online shopping, online bill payment, and e-business, etc. It offers the consumers to set the list of merchandise and online service providers to automatically process debit and credit cards and other types of payments. Payment Gateways are digital platforms that help to grow electronic payments, particularly for e-commerce.

Some of the best online payment gateway in Pakistan

There are various ways to make online payments in Pakistan and dozens of digital payment methods, too; some of them work well, while some end up betraying your trust and expectations. To make a choice more comfortable for you here we have listed seven payment gateways in Pakistan: 


Easypaisa has become best swiftly with online payments in Pakistan, and it is rapidly getting success while serving people to date without any glitches or errors. In the starting, it was merely used to carry out money transactions such as transfers from one medium to another. The service became popular when they help individuals who earn money in another city and send money back to their families living in other parts of the country. It took people a few days or a week to travel and handover the cash, Easypaisa stepped forward and made it a matter of minutes.



HBL bank earned its name all over the world, and now they had introduced a product in the country, HBL Konnect. It is presented by the largest banking network that bringing constant unique innovation with an ever-growing range of digital payment solutions. Its online app also enables its users to select from a various range of discount packages and best deals in restaurants, shopping, and other sources of activities. However, more than just a digital payment service in Pakistan, HBL Konnect is rapidly becoming a part of the nation’s lifestyle. Since it facilitates its users to embrace digitization in a few easy steps. 


MCB Debit Card

 MCB debit cards assist in digital payment transactions to ensure maximum security for all your online payment. They provide various and different packages to their consumer to facilitate them in the right way. Whether you are cashless, but MCB never leaves your hand and pays all your bills via online payment. 


Jazz Cash

Jazz Cash is a subsidiary, which is operating one of Pakistan’s biggest mobile networks, Jazz. It is also known as MobiCash, Jazz Cash is the innovative digital payment service in Pakistan that helps the whole nation to enjoy the conveniences of going digital for online shopping, paying bills, or money transfer. Many entrepreneurs and corporations across the country are running transactions via Jazz Cash, and stepping up the digital games. 


Allied Bank PayPak Debit Card

Allied Bank introduces to a world of convenience and security with the first-ever PayPak Debit Card in Pakistan. It can also be used for online shopping and billing payments. They do not just conduct ATM and retail/purchase transactions within Pakistan but also facilitate international payment. PayPak cards can only be used on ATMs throughout Pakistan and are yet to be enabled for online sales.


Keenu Wallet

Pakistan’s first and very own e-wallet is Keenu Wallet. As the name suggests, the purpose of this online service is to help users go cashless and carry out their cash-related transactions via mobile application. You can easily find Keenu agents across the country and pay them via a Keenu Wallet account, whether you are purchasing monthly groceries or just dairy products from a nearby retail store. 

Keenu Wallet


Bank Alfalah

Bank Alfalah is also a famous banking sector that introduces the latest services to facilitate their consumers. They are now offering MasterCard internet payment gateway in Pakistan. It also enables its users to provide various range of discount packages and best deals for dine-in and home delivery, online shopping bill, and other sources of activities.

Bank Alfalah


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    March 1, 2021

    I am in dropshipping business. Is there any service (like Paypal or script) which serves the people operating from Pakistan. Will be thankful for any advice.

  2. Muhammad Sulman

    August 27, 2021

    If you want to integrate any payment gateway with your ecom website then these guys can do awesome work for you


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