December 11, 2020

Most Famous Youtube Vloggers of Pakistan

Youtube Vloggers Review Pakistan

In this advanced time, individuals are so dependent on social stages that they even can’t envision going through a day without utilizing them. Particularly the youthful age of Pakistan is so inclined towards short recordings transferred by Vloggers on youtube and Facebook. We can say that YouTube is the new TV for the adolescent. 

Lately, we have seen a couple of youtube vloggers spring up on Pakistani YouTube. By shooting themselves on a day by day or week after week premise, they have won countless hearts. Today, we will examine the best 5 Vloggers of Pakistan in this post. Individuals truly like buying into them to see their most recent recordings transferred by these Vloggers. These Vloggers make extraordinary substance and offer it to the crowd. Due to their unique and select substance, they have now countless adherents via online media stages. 

Here are the Top 5 youtube Vloggers of Pakistan 

Taimoor Salahuddin otherwise known as Mooroo: 

Moroo - Youtuber | Famous Youtuber of Pakistan

Mooroo was brought into the world in Lahore, Pakistan. He has examined filmmaking in the United States. He delivered his first-since forever tune “Patakhi Larki” close by Anni Jaffri in 2011. From that point forward, he delivered the tune “Awam” with rapper Faris Shafi in 2012. This melody picked up moment notoriety among the individuals. He likewise got named at the 2013 and 2014 Lux Style Awards for ‘Best Music Video Director’. He additionally won the Fifth Youth Festival grant for ‘Voice of the Year’. His plays on YouTube are no uncertainty so interesting. He has picked up ubiquity and acknowledgment in quite a short profession.  Also has an excellent amount of vlogging camera and has the best storytelling technique in travel vlogs

Irfan Junejo:

Irfan Junejo - PakistanIrfan Junejo is one of the top youtube vloggers of Pakistan. He has set up himself as a substance maker. His video blogs are so basic and decent. The effortlessness and his capacity to share his substance in quite a concise way have raised his fan following. He has begun his vocation as a customary vlogger, with a vlogging camera and recording of a 3-minute video in his room. 

He makes amazing travel vlogs and offers incredible snapshots of his existence with his devotees. His commitment and enthusiastic endeavors assist him with picking up 20k endorsers in 8 months as it were. 


Ukhano Vlogger - PakistanUKhano is one of the most well-known Vloggers in Pakistan. He has a solid portfolio in visual depiction due to photoshop abilities. His astounding voyaging Vlogs made him mainstream in an extremely limited ability to focus. He has additionally picked up the consideration of the public as a result of his kind video altering aptitudes. 

Bilal Khan: 

bilal Khan - PakistanBilal Khan who sparkles with so much ability. He is an entertainer, sing/lyricist, and youtube vlogger. His video blogs show the normal individuals in the background of VIP lives. In his Vlogs, we will see just about one new VIP. 

Zaid Ali: 

Zaid ali Vlogger - PakistanZaid Ali makes satires and parody recordings. He picked up prominence from his humorous YouTube and Facebook recordings. Zaid never neglects to make us giggle or have us nearly peeing our jeans. His recordings are so family-accommodating and stunning. He no uncertainty realizes how to keep his crowd engaged.

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