August 20, 2020

4 Mistakes Professionals Make When Writing Emails

4 Mistakes Professionals Make When Writing Emails.

Bad Subject line

The subject line of any email is the most essential part of an email. It provides hints to your recipient with the insight of your email and about why they should open your mail. This one line should be precise and clear as this is the deciding factor of your email, whether it has to be opened or sent to the spam folder at first sight. It maybe seems like a simple one-liner, but many of us make mistakes here even if you have written impressive content, but this unknowing mistake led you down. A subject line delivers the essence of the whole email with suitable words, is most likely to appease the recipient.

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Spelling and Grammatical Errors

As the world is advanced, so all the tricks and techniques have been advanced too. Well, writing a perfect email is quite easy due to spell-check technology available these days, perhaps there’s no reason why your professional emails should have errors in them. Professional and correct email build the brand name if typos are somehow common in your emails, so definitely, it will cost you. It is better to avoid them at all costs. Typos make your brand come off as unprofessional, and not credible. Professional expert advice that readout email loud to yourself to make sure there are solid sentence structure and decent flow.

Mistakes Professional make Writing email

Unnecessarily long emails

In this fast running world, who has time to read long paragraphs, so whether we are talking about Professional email, they should be as precise and to the point. Think of every sentence you write as essential to grab the reader’s attention and to get the positive result that you want out of the email. Shorter emails have a chance of holding the reader’s attention from greeting to closing paragraph, instead of elaborating useless and too long on a particular aspect of the message and strike boredom. 

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Neglecting to proofread

As already mentioned above, emails build the brand image if you send an email without going through it and if any error occurs so it will sink your brand name, which no one wants. This is a pro-tip; do not send the email directly to recipients after writing your first draft. Do not hurry; take some time to revise what you have written. Cross-check the recipients and double-check the date, time, and important attachment, which you have mentioned.


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