September 25, 2020

7 Top Courier Service Providers In Pakistan

7 Top Courier Service Providers In Pakistan

As the revolutionary period has been started for so many years, people like to walk with time. Today’s consumer avoids the crowd and likes to shop from the comfort zone of their home and many services offered by courier companies to get your desired product with security and efficiency with courier charges. With time many people start a digital online business to facilitate all those who want to get their selected items without going hustle. The question is, how will that happen? Of course, by the best courier provider service. 

Due to courier services, sending and receiving your important confidential documents and packages has never been this seamless and easy! 


TCS is considered to be the best and most trusted courier company in Pakistan. TCS delivers not only locally but also internationally; that’s why it spreads over more than 220 countries covering approximately more than 3,500+ destinations worldwide. You can efficiently provide a business delivery or a fragile gift to a loved one through their services. TCS is delivering anything, anywhere, in and out of Pakistan. It even offers overnight delivery within Pakistan.


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2. Leopards Courier

Leopards Courier is the swiftly growing fast courier company in Pakistan, which makes its place very swiftly among other courier services. It has now expanded its services to over 1500 service locations and 2200 global destinations. It offers one-day delivery and same-day delivery, but the urgent charges will hit. You may visit their website to experience the fastest courier service for deliveries. Through their website, you can track your courier packages.


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3. M&P

M&P is the most incredible national and international reliable courier service company; it was first being FedEx. They have more than 500+ courier centers in Pakistan, approximately 1,370+ Service Locations, and 258+ FedEx authorized ship centers. With a self-owned aircraft, working staff, vans, bikes, and offices across Pakistan, they deliver it all so nicely. Their motto for delivering excellence makes them a great choice to cater to your local courier needs. 


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4. BlueEx

BlueEx Courier is the best in class when it comes to delivering your items from one place to another, and well, they know how to handle your COD shipments. BlueEx dedicated staff is spread throughout the country, making sure your orders are delivered on time, and customer expectations are met. Visit their website to experience the most reliable local and international courier service.

BlueEx logo5. Trax

Trax offers the most quickly and fast Cash on Delivery service with the most secure and efficient return management solutions. Trax shipment network deliver more than 300+ destinations from all over Pakistan. Trax enables ease and access to your online business with increased transparency.

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6. Call Courier

Call couriers give value to their customers and offer solutions tailored to customer needs and requirements. They have developed their network which required to handle both national and international delivery of shipments. They pick up your parcel from the client’s address and deliver the parcel courier at a proper place without creating a mess.

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7. Forrun

Forrun is a Pakistan’s courier service, and it’s rising because of the quality services and commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it is your documents or your important business items, they deliver anything anywhere, Forrun has it all much quicker.

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  1. Umer Amin

    July 5, 2021

    Thug of Pakistan
    Chor ho tum log
    Saman chori krty ho upr sy seena zori

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    July 10, 2021

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  3. Mr Faisal

    October 12, 2021

    pathentic service providing forrun courier don’t use forrun for cod parcels they does deliver you cod parcels. Rider writing fake status and send return back

  4. Naveed

    October 17, 2021

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  5. Naveed

    October 17, 2021

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  6. imran ali

    December 29, 2021

    the best COD service are being provided by forrun especially in lahore. i recieved multiple parcel from forrun company and found the best delivery service by them



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