September 22, 2020

Top 10 Most Profitable Banks Of Pakistan

Top 10 Most Profitable Banks Of Pakistan

Traditionally, banks made money from TBills and PIBs. However, the lower interest rates caused them to move to give out loans to private organizations, as economists stated that Banks play a vital role in the progression and development of any country’s economy. We ascertain that almost 60% share in deposits holds a significant stake in the Banking Industry assets.

List of banks in Pakistan

Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank Limited HBL was first founded in 1941 in Bombay before partition. Officially started its work operations as the first Pakistani Commercial Bank in 1947. HBL operates a network with 1751 branches and has branches in 15 countries. HBL Bank has its headquarters office in the city of the hub, Karachi. It is the best bank in Pakistan, which is also among the most profitable banks. The current CEO is Mohd. Aurangzeb. HBL Bank provides services Branch Banking, Retail Financing, Transaction Banking, Corporate Banking, SME & Rural Banking, Financial Institutions & Global Trade Services, and also Islamic Banking. HBL currently holds a market share of more than 15% in 2020. HBL Bank is the largest executor of CPEC project financing in Pakistan. HBL Bank is also the first Pakistani commercial bank to start Chinese currency operations across the country. 

Habib Bank Limited

National Bank of Pakistan

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) acts as a trustee of public funds and an agent of the State Bank SBP Pakistan. NBP is a government-owned and 75.2% owned by the State Bank of Pakistan. The second-largest bank operating in Pakistan. NBP is leading in the debt-equity market, investment banking, retail and agriculture financing, and treasury services. The current president is Arif Usmani National Bank is the second-largest bank after HBL bank with an asset of more than 3.02 trillion. In contrast, deposits of RS 1.93 trillion and gross advances are RS. 951bn was posted as a marginal growth of 1% Year-on-Year. 

National Bank of Pakistan

MCB Bank 

MCB Bank was founded in 1947 and was nationalized in 1974 by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, MCB Pakistan banks were later privatized in 1991. To explore the International Markets in 2005, the Management of Muslim Commercial Bank abbreviated its name to MCB Bank Ltd with more than 1,387 local and 11 overseas branches and more than 1350 ATMs network. MCB Bank Limited is one of the oldest and top banks in Pakistan; the recent Chief Executive Officer is Imran Maqbool. The total Assets as of Mar 2020 are US$ 10,337m, with average asset growth of 12.5% annually for the last three years.

MCB Bank 

United Bank Limited UBL

United Bank Limited UBL was founded in 1959, and it was privatized in 1974. UBL proudly has the first female CEO, Sima Kamil, in a male-dominant banking sector. A pioneer in branchless banking with UBL Omni Platforms and a presence of more than 37,000 Omni Agents. UBL is leading the financial service sector across the country and Pakistan savings account. In a consolidated condensed Interim report for the quarter year, March 2020, UBL bank reported total assets of Rs. 1.86 trillion with a profit after tax of Rs. 4.91bn.

United Bank Limited UBL Logo

Allied Bank Limited

Allied Bank Limited ABL was established in a garage in 1942 before partition. Allied Bank went through tough phases at the time of separation when rioters attacked ABL. ABL now offers Personal, Business, and Islamic Banking services from Corporate & Investment Banking. Also, provide services in Trade Services, best savings account in Pakistan & Term Deposits, Credit & Debit Cards, Domestic Remittance, Bancassurance, Digital Banking, Agriculture Financing, Everyday Accounts, Personal Internet Banking, Mobile App and Shariah-compliant Aitbaar Islamic Banking. Tahir Hassan Qureshi is the CEO of Allied Bank Limited, with 1350 branches and 1500 ATMs. ABL announced its first-quarter 2020 financial statements as it has Rs. 1.364 trillion assets with Rs. 6.38bn Profit (Profit before Tax).

Allied Bank Limited Logo

Meezan Bank 

Irfan Siddiqi is the current Chief Executive Officer of Meezan Bank. It is Pakistan’s first and largest dedicated Islamic Bank with a paid-up capital of Rs. 12.8billions operates under the principles of Islamic Shariah. It is recognized Islamic Banking research and advisory services provide services of Hajj pilgrims, weddings, Retirement, Home, and auto finance services through its vast network of about 750 branches nationwide. Meezan Bank has been appreciated with significant recognition as the ‘Best Banks in Pakistan’. As per the unaudited interim statement, MBL declared Asset Rs. 1.138 trillion, where profit after taxation is Rs. 5.50bn.

Meezan Bank Logo

Bank Alfalah 

Bank Alfalah was a public limited company in 1992 under the Companies Ordinance 1984 and started banking operations from Nov 1997. The board of Directors of Bank Alfalah approves the bank’s unaudited interim financial statement for the first quarter of 2020 till march, the after-tax profit will be Rs. 2.81bn. It provides financial solutions to corporations, institutions, consumers, and government through a broad spectrum of products line and services.

Bank Al Habib Ltd

Bank Al Habib Limited is a commercial bank owned by Pakistan’s wealthiest family, ‘Dawood Habib Family’. Mr. Abbas Dawood Habib is the Board of Directors, and Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan is the CEO. With more than 745 branches across Pakistan, the bank announced an unaudited condensed first-quarter result has Rs. 1.944 trillion assets with Rs. 4.79bn profit before tax.

Bank Al Habib Ltd logo

Bank Of Punjab 

Tajammul Hussain founded BOP in 1989, and the recent President is Zafar Masud, who by the will of Allah is safe in a plane crash. They are operating 624 branches. BOP announced results in an unaudited financial report stating that the bank’s assets stand at Rs. 899.1bn and Rs. 1.5bn profit after taxation in the first quarter of 2020. 

Bank Of Punjab Logo

Standard Chartered Bank

SCB is the oldest and the largest foreign bank in Pakistan, which marked in 2020 its 158th anniversary of Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan. SCB has been awarded the Islamic Banking license ever granted to any international banking institute operating in Pakistan. With a workforce of more than 3,100 people and operates more than 78 branches in 11 major cities of Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan crossed a milestone Rs. 600billions. The net Assets of SCB Pakistan are Rs. 619bn in 2019 with Rs. 27.19 Profit before Tax.

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