February 29, 2020

Give Your House A Makeover

Whether you are buying a house or upgrading your existing space, you got to show love and respect to your living space. Just like your family members and friends, your house also requires your constant care and affection to look and feel good. The paint, the roof, the furniture – they all add up to the makeup of your house.

Buying a house or flat is the first step; while embellishing it is a continuous process. In this blog, we talk about some convenient ways to give your house a makeover.

Paint – The Focal Point

The external appearance of your house is determined by the quality of paint you use. Depending on where you live, different seasons have a varying effects on the paint. Make sure your walls do not have cracks or else they’ll be at risk of seepage.

No matter which type of paint you go for, ensure you start off with a base coat; as it will enable the paint to endure the effects of weather in the long run. Base coats are of two types – Primer and First Coat. If your house is dominated by the woodwork, you can go for a fancy finish such as gloss and satin.

To make things interesting, you can actually try different colors on your walls virtually to know what suits best. This augmented reality feature is available on many websites. Also, you can ask for advice from a trusted properly dealer or interior designer to get a better idea.

Note: Brighto and Berger paints lead the line in Pakistan.


Most of the houses I see in Pakistan are equipped with expensive-looking furniture but they lack symmetry and organization. Remember, less is more. You do not need to bombard your house with furniture for the sake of style if it lacks substance.

So, my advice is to go for custom made furniture. In that way, you will know exactly what you’d need without overspending. Other than that, ensure the walking passage is not obstructed nor is the furniture pushed against the wall. Make sure, you have ample lighting elements to complement your furniture.

Upgrading Your Kitchen

If you think your kitchen does not need a facelift; ask your mum, sister or wife and they’ll give you a befitting response! Your kitchen does not only need all the necessary cutleries and utilities, but also a pleasant makeover.

Try to play with laminated wood, it will cost less. Make room for cabins, a counter, and drawers. Automate the stoves, install a proper exhaust system and light it all up.


A Wiseman once said that the condition of a bathroom speaks volumes of a house. The first and foremost thing to do is to apply a mirror, a mini closet, and a separate space for shower. The bathroom is the place to play with fancy tiles and extravagant colors, so do not hold back.

Once, a property dealer told me that consumers pay more for a house that has well-furnished than one with substandard bathrooms. Also, make sure you always have soap, shampoo, and other useful stuff so that you do not leave your guests dismayed.

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