July 7, 2020

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan For Visiting

Beautiful places in Pakistan

God gifted Pakistan nature side and geographical position of Pakistan gives a peaceful sight to every person who wants to visit Pakistan and sees the beautiful mountains, lakes, valleys, and ancient places that have preserved by the government of Pakistan.
Beautiful landscapes, Pakistani Restaurants, snow-capped mountains, stunning valleys, and rich cultural heritages, Welcome to Pakistan. The tourists and international bloggers who visited Pakistan’s northern side claimed, that the nature side is so peaceful that it gives relaxation to our mind and soul. Tourist always wants to explore more about the best places to visit in Pakistan that gives their soul joy.

Tourist Places in Pakistan

Swat Valley 

We couldn’t tell the beauty of the Swat valley in words. People claimed that’s it is a mini Switzerland of Pakistan. Though it had a rough past due to some extremist people who want to rule there, the present and future of Swat Valley are as shining as diamonds. This out stunning valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is something very out of the box in which people think that its a part of fairy tale stories. The outreach of long and beautiful green fields sight and huge forests, beautiful villages, and rivers boasting the shades of blue so crystal clear and bright, that you wouldn’t have thought them real.

Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is one of the most famous tourist places. If someone wants to plan to visit the northern area of Pakistan so they always make a list to visit Hunza as its famous for its numerous valleys and colorful villages. The famous commercial center of the valley is Karimabad which has many hotels for stay, restaurants for traditional cuisine, and shops for local people and visitors. When the snowfall season starts so it gives a more amazing view when the glaciers, river, tree, and everything covered with the white snow.

Shan Jahan Mosque

Not just the northern side is enriched for tourism but the province of Sindh in Pakistan has a also rich history with some well-preserved Mughal emperor architecture, including several heritage sites, but the beautiful constructed  Shah Jahan Mosque in Thatta is undoubtedly the most beautiful site.

The construction and the stone used in the mosque give the coolness effects inside the mosque. Aside from the amazing design and vibrant brick colors used throughout the mosque to capture the visitor sight. The geometrical details inside and outside the mosque are what won over everyone’s hearts.


Skardu is well known for its preservative turquoise and clear color waters, huge mountains, beautiful calm lakes, and generous people. People usually love the day time of every place as it shows the bright side of every place but for Skardu, if you stay there for a night so you can feel so calm and quiet which gives your soul peace. Visitors love to experience watching the sunset and sunrise over the great Indus River. Every place has its uniqueness. Skardu Bazaar has such hand made embroidery dresses and jewelry which we can not ignore while visiting there.

Fairy Meadows 

Fairy meadows are the place where everyone wants to visit but the route path to visit is not simple. I am not going to sugar coat it, but in reality, if you have guts to risk your life so you will surely be going to visit it and see the beautiful sight of the most amazing site of Pakistan as its a grassland near one of the base campsites of the Nanga Parbat. The roller coaster drive to reached there is considered the most horrifying and also it is considered as one of the top 10 scariest drives in the world. Only jeep experts can take you to visit a beautiful place.

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