July 16, 2020

Top 6 Reliable Online Shopping Store in Pakistan


After a drastic change around the world, people are shifting their business to digital marketing as it allows you to provide the best quality product in your range without moving anywhere. Just go through on Pakistan Best Online Shopping Sites and place your order over the internet. The future belongs to eCommerce. The wide range of eCommerce stores in Pakistan is bright as business people are moving to the online system of doing business and trade. Pakistan is the second largest e-commerce market in South Asia.


Best Online Shopping Website In Pakistan

Here we are disclosing the six best online shopping websites.



Daraz first made waves in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry in 2012. In Pakistan and other Asian countries, Daraz started working as an eCommerce trader. It has grown rapidly in Pakistan as the largest online shopping site with a network spanning across Asia. Its main goal was to provide vendors and customers across the country with a productive and stable online marketplace. Daraz has various sorts of home appliances, electronic items, and beauty products, etc. 

Website link: https://www.daraz.pk/

daraz- online store in pakistan



Pakistan’s largest courier company TCS brings YAYVO.com in addition to the home appliances, scents, phones, computers, books, beauty, gifts, and handicrafts that make YAYVO.com stand unique among all the top-notch web-stores in Pakistan.TCS is a reliable and trustworthy courier company.

Website link: http://yayvo.com/

online store in pakistan


Telemart.pk is considered as the fastest-growing electronics shop online. Besides its wide range in electronic items, they also trade in beauty, gadgets, and men and women accessories. Telemart.pk has a proper website with good traffic.

Website link: https://www.telemart.pk/

online store in Pakistan - telemart


Goto is a one-stop online shopping in Pakistan, bringing to your fingertips a secure and convenient shopping experience. In online shopping, Pakistan has seen a big boom in the mainstream over the last few years. More and more people start entering Digital marketing, but goto has developed a unique experience for their customers by providing a hassle-free shopping site.

Website Link: https://www.goto.com.pk/

reliable online store


AliExpress is a Chinese online store that offers 100 million plus product range at competitive prices. It ships to over more than 200 countries and regions with websites in 5 different languages. With easy and secure card payment methods. It takes time to deliver your order at your door because the main store is in china. They have a wide range of innovative and unique items that grab the attention of the people.

Website Link: https://best.aliexpress.com/?lan=en

AliExpress - online shopping


Shopon.pk is another the best online shopping website in Pakistan offering quality products all across Pakistan. There are massive varieties of products with a broad range of leading brands in the fields of technology, fashion, beauty, clothes and accessories, and lifestyle; it offers 100% original products to its customers. 

Website link: https://shopon.pk/

SHOPON online shopping store in Pakistan


  1. Iram

    September 13, 2020

    Good info, but we also need to add sites like bagallery, just4girls, aodour, vegas, https://onzaar.pk/ to the list. Some of these sites are really popular with us girls.

  2. Bridal Dress in Pakistan

    January 5, 2021

    I really like your blog.Thannks for sharing.

  3. Muhammad Ameen

    May 1, 2021

    telemart.pk is waste of time and waste of money. 15 days and still waiting for the delivery. They are very lazy

  4. Muhammad Ameen

    May 25, 2021

    telemart.pk review
    Paid Rs.30000 in advanced and now im waiting for the product to arrive since 38 days. They are not giving me my money back and nor sending me the product. They said product is short in the market and i have to wait till it comes. I dont know its a fraud or what ??

  5. aleena mishal

    October 1, 2021

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