July 11, 2020

7 Most Popular Food Streets in Pakistan

food streets in pakistan

The variety of food available in different food streets in Pakistan, whether the old food street or new Food Street. If you ever plan to visit Pakistan so these food streets must go on your list.  


Burns Road Food Street

If we were to choose one best food street in Karachi, this would be it. From the Daal Chawal to the paaye, it caters to all, much in the city of light. It is located in the old part of the town and famous for its name Burns Road Food Street. It preserves the taste of the traditional Pakistani dishes such as Haleem, Fried Fish, Kebabs, Biryani, and Nihari in all their glory. If you are looking for something traditional sweet dessert, then you can go for the famous and mouth-watering Rabri, falooda, and ice cream.

burns road food stret karachi

Gawalmandi Food Street

The Gawalmandi food street was considered to be a center of the city’s tradition of Lahore. The variety of food stalls gradually mushroomed, each stall offering unique desi food. For instance, gram flour-coated fried fish, paaye, lassi, and different barbeque techniques, kebabs, and various types of falooda are there. 

gawalmandi food street karachi

Hussainabad Food Street 

Another great place for desi food lovers and also the best fast food in Karachi. You can devour anything from Kabab Paratha and Chargha to Biryani and Haleem here. It is situated in Azizabad. This food street had modest inception with a few shops. While it is famous for serving delectable Pakistani foods such as brain masala, Biryani, and Barbecue, it has also caught on the trend of serving fast food such as Rolls, Chinese cuisine, burgers, and pizza.

hussainabad- best food street in karachi

Anarkali Bazaar Food Street

It is nearly impossible to separate people from their traditional culture from their cuisine. If someone were to visit Pakistan for just a few days, Lahore should be one of the “must do’s” on their itinerary. Lahore is a city that showcases all aspects of Pakistan’s culture. In Anarkali Food Street, you will find that to immerse yourself in Pakistani culture truly, you will first have to tease your tastebuds.

anarkali bazaar-best food street in lahore

Cunningham Ghanta Ghar Food Street

Cunningham clock tower or ghanta ghar is at the start of Heritage Trail and Food Street in Peshawar. The famous Peshawari charsi karahi pulao is the finger-licking food of Peshawar food street. In the early morning, you can jumpstart your day with a hot piping cup of chai and a spicy meal.

Peshawar Food Street - Ghanta Ghar PeshawarBoat Basin

Whether for teenagers, adults, children, family, or friends, Boat Basin’s restaurants spot the best food street, with their affordable prices range and 24/7 services availability, make it a favorite spot for everyone to hang out and eat, among the multitudes of other such places in Karachi. The famous food of the boat basin is greasy and crispy halwa puri nashta in the morning with hot piping tea, tantalizing tikka and malai boti, and the brain freezing marvelous ice creams of Baloch Ice Cream Parlor.

boat basin- best food street in Karachi

Fort Road Food Street

Popular Pakistani Street Food, fort food, is famous for food. The definition of Lahore food justified from this food street as the way they cook and the food choices they have in the vicinity. Food is in the tradition, culture, and roots of Lahore. Fort Road Food Street hosts the best restaurants in Lahore, and this includes both taste and location. It has a total of 27 restaurants along with roadside dhabas and food stalls.

fort road- biggest food street in lahore

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