July 20, 2020

Top Smartphone Brands in Pakistan

Top Smartphone Brands in Pakistan


Top Smartphone Brands in Pakistan

Are you looking for a smartphone? Here is the list of top smartphone brands in Pakistan. 


QMobile is a local Pakistani brand that emerged a few years back. It is Karachi based electronics company. From a sales perspective, QMobile is the biggest company in Pakistan, selling more than one million phones every month as compared to other mobile companies In Pakistan. QMobile is known for introducing affordable and best features smartphones best mobile company in Pakistan.

smartphone brand in pakistan


Lenovo phones have become top mobile brands in Pakistan, known for their performance and great reviews. Lenovo is a reputable name, its features, hardware, and software is excellent. Thus forcing people to buy Lenovo phones.

Lenovo Smartphone brand in pakistan


OPPO is a Chinese smartphone brand and best selling smartphone In Pakistan. Oppo is known for its great selfie camera result. OPPO F3, F3 Plus phones are incredibly famous in Pakistan. The target of the OPPO in Pakistan is mostly the youngsters and people who love taking selfies.

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Samsung is not just the top smartphone mobile brand in Pakistan, and it is the leading brand worldwide. The brand started its operations in South Korea back in 1938 and launched its first Android smartphone in 2009. Samsung phones are the sleekest looking, innovative, and stylish phones to date. They are expensive, but Samsung also has its J series, which is affordable and reliable. The camera quality, features, and hardware or software of Samsung phones make it the top smartphone brand in Pakistan.

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Infinix Mobile, founded in 2013, is a Hong Kong-based smartphone company. Infinix becomes the most selling brand this year due to its innovative and new features at affordable prices. 

infinix mobile brand in pakistan

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