July 20, 2020

Top 15 Most-Viewed Channels in Pakistan

Top 15 Most-Viewed Channels in Pakistan

Top 15 Most-Viewed Channels in Pakistan

Pakistani Tv Channels List:

The top 15 most-viewed TV channels in Pakistan are.

ARY Digital


Ary Digital is the drama platform where we see only Pakistani drama. Nowadays, Ary digital on-air best storyline drama, which grabs the viewership. ARY is a media group that has ARY news, QTV, ARY Musik, and ARY Zindagi on different niches. 


Hum tv pakistan

Hum Tv is a broadcasting drama channel. They on-air reality-based drama on the mainstream. Hum channel also introduces Hum news channel to the viewer to get the news of the country and world.

 ARY News

news channel in pakistan

We can not close our eyes and ears from the current affairs that’s why ARY news Tv channels also get the most-viewed channel. The authenticity of the news is high, that’s why people prefer to watch ARY news. ARY is Pakistani live news channels.

Urdu 1 

Urdu 1 channel in pakistan

Urdu 1 is the Turkish Pakistani collaborated channel. This channel got lots of critiques from the Pakistani celebrities because they on-air dubbed Turkish drama which takes the viewership from Pakistani drama. But the fact is people want to see some change that’s why Urdu 1 gets the place in the topmost viewed channel list.


Filmazia pakistan

Filmazia has a viewership for the entertainer as they run old Lollywood movies, which people obliged to see and recalled their old times. Now, filmazia also runs teenager type drama on their channel which is also a point for the viewer.


PTV Home

PTV home Pakistan news channel

PTV is the government channel, and all funding goes into the government pocket. PTV home also runs out stunning dramas. Recently, it was held in conspiracy due to Turkish dubbed drama Ertugrul on-air on government PTV channel.


GEO Entertainment

geo news channel pakistan

In these quarantine days, people love to kill their time in front of the screen. GEO Entertainment also on-air classy and reality-based drama.


top most viewed channel in pakistan

Due to their stunning news coverage and authenticity, people of Pakistan and out of the country watch current affairs on Express news.

A Plus

most viewed channel in pakistan

A plus is famous for its Urdu and Punjabi drama. The outclass story plotting and picturization won the heart of the viewers; that’s why it is also in the list of the topmost viewed channels.

Ten Sports 

sports channel in pakistan

Ten sport is the sports channel in which the lover of the game gives the rating of viewership. Ten sports on-air ongoing matches of different games .i.e cricket, squash, hockey, and boxing.

 Dunya News

top most viewed news channel in pakistan

The news channel does not only provide news but also provides infotainment, which grabs the viewer’s attention. Dunya news even on-air their funny show Mazaq Raat at prime time.  

Play Entertainment 

pakistan most viewed channel

Play entertainment on-air funny drama as the target audience is a youngster that’s why they produce funny content.

Cartoon Network

Tv channel in pakistan

Cartoon network on-air kids related content. But the fact is cartoons are the only content that kids and adults both enjoy at the same time that’s why cartoon networks are also in the topmost viewed channel.

Samaa News

Best News Channel In Pakistan

Saame news provides exclusive footage on television which makes the channel authentic that’s why it is considered as the best News Channel in Pakistan.

The Musik

Tv Channels In Pakistan

ARY media group has the partner channel the musik that promotes upcoming Pakistani singers.



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    April 14, 2021

    All this news channels zero
    Pakistani media is mega mafia


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