January 28, 2021

4 Best Food Delivery Services in Karachi

5 Best Food Delivery Services in Karachi

Karachi as a city of foodies we are always trying to find ways to order a stimulating meal and always on the lookout for love or money new in town. This has given a boom to the web food delivery business within the country within the last 3 to 4 years and brought the food game to an entirely new level. Seeing this state of affairs we’ve compiled an inventory of the 5 most awesome food delivery portals.

these applications help find out what you want to order and from where through Karachi restaurant reviews and also tell you which is the best restaurant in Karachi.

Hi Food:
Hi Food

Hi, food may be a relatively new name within the business and is quickly expanding thanks to its timely yet accurate service. One thing that sets this app apart from the remainder is that you simply can follow the carrier on the map and know exactly where the person is together with your food at present, which if you’re a frequent user of online apps would skill reassuring it’s and helps keep your hunger cornered.
Website  : https://www.hifood.pk/

Eat Mubarak:

Eat Mubarak:
A Pakistani startup targeting all foodies of Pakistan. Who better to understand the taste of Karachi than an app developed by its people? It almost becomes the simplest trending website for online food delivery in Karachi within the year 2018. we all know which places serve the simplest food and what palace can we here in Pakistan have. We target the best the town has got to offer and supply fresh and on-time food at the doorstep.
Website : https://www.eatmubarak.pk/

Food Genie:
Food Genie:

A target market of 4 main cities Foo genie keeps it controlled and precise which is their secret to success. As usual, it’s all the important features required for the app to be considered a viable alternative. Timely and accurate delivery ensures an excellent experience and that’s what the Food experience is all about!
Website: https://www.foodgenieapp.com/


Fuss-free online food ordering from dozens of the simplest restaurants located in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi. the method is simple; browse (nearby Karachi restaurants reviews and their menus), order, catch on delivered to your home, office, or anywhere from the delivery locations offered. While rummaging through the cafés and restaurants the results are often filtered by cuisines, prices, and a couple of other options. like all the web food deliveries, it’ll spare you the effort of placing an order by phone and having to speak to the restaurant staff explaining to them what you would like.

The app also mentions the minimum order amount for delivery from each restaurant, delivery fees (if any), estimated delivery times also as users’ reviews about the restaurants.

Food panda also helps you with Karachi restaurant reviews and to determine which is the best restaurant in Karachi.

Get it here: Google Play | App Store | Windows Phone

Website: www.foodpanda.pk

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