October 24, 2020

5 Best Food Ordering Apps in Pakistan

Food Ordering Apps in Pakistan Review

The Revolutionary world has its own worth which got stronger day by day. In early days when any food lovers want to eat something special, they have to visit that place to eat their favorite dish. But now as our world has transformed into a global village, everything is just fingertips away. Now your favorite food arrived at your doorstep just by clicking a little button on your delivery apps or food delivery sites.


In today’s world, food apps are all easily available over the Google Play Store or the Apple store. Simply go to google play store or Apple store. Search your favorite food delivery app. Check reviews and click on install. Taaada! Your new food adventure is now with you all the time. Here we will discuss 5 best delivery apps that help you at your food craving time.


Whenever we talk about the best food delivery app, foodpanda online app will surely win the ground.  Food Panda is the most popular food delivery app that offers the food you want at home in just a given time. They also entertain their customers while providing special discounted vouchers on first order. They do care about their old customers and provide discounts on certain restaurants. They categorize their services in two ways: home delivery and second is pick-up. They have very strong terms and conditions on spilled, expired and wrong order. They refund your money back if they deliver the wrong order or expired items. Foodpanda order service is available in Faisalabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.



Are you hungry? Feeling tired and taking a rest on a comfy sofa? Don’t want to go outside again for food hunting? Looking for a good restaurant with some discount? If yes, then download CareemNow on your mobile immediately. This food ordering app searches all the best nearby restaurants.  All the available menu card food will be shown on their applications. 

Eat Mubarak 

We all heard eid Mubarak since our childhood but for food lover its eat mubarak.  Eat Mubarak is the pakistani local food delivery application that provides the ant’s, and add restaurant’s address hundred of options for restaurants that are available near you. 

Eat Mubarak 


Cheetay is a food order app that provides you with restaurant’s menu cards, promotions available as well as the address of the restaurant.  Cheetay is the new app which makes its position among the top food delivery apps. From its name, the food delivery is also as speedy as the speed of a tiger.  


Another name on the top list of the best food ordering apps is Supermeal. This application consists of menus, special discounts, offers from all the best nearby  restaurants located in your area. While ordering food, it shows you the rating of specific restaurants. This online app makes it easy for people with its quick services which are located in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Rawalpindi.


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