September 19, 2020

6 Pakistani Brands That Made It International

6 Pakistani Brands That Made it International

Pakistan has many brilliant educationists, bankers, clothing brands, and cooking restaurants, which we all know very well. However, the question is, how many Pakistani brands do we know that boast a successful internationally? Here we are pen down some of the brands that export the Pakistani culture and taste continue to make us proud;

What brands are made in Pakistan


Student Biryani had a fantastic story. They started from a small vendor to international franchises after lots of effort. Student Biryani is one great success story that they proudly share with everyone. The first international stop of the Student Biryani outlet was established in Dubai. The restaurant currently operates outlets in many other parts of the world, such as Oman, Canada, and the UAE.

Student Biryani



Khaadi is not only famous in Pakistan but the charm of its fabric alluring every woman internationally too. The luxury fashion house is renowned for its soft fabric with impressive embroidery and amazing print. Khaadi is an international clothing brand in Pakistan. In 2010, Khaadi first expanded in U.A.E., but with time Khaadi now boasts successful outlets in Dubai, Saudi Arab, Australia, U.S.A., Mexico, Malaysia, Canada, and U.K.

Khaadi - Clothing Collection in Pakistan



H.B.L is the most extensive banking network that deals in the banking sector in Pakistan. It has boasted over 1,500 branches all across Pakistan. In 1951, H.B.L. stepped into Sri Lanka. Today, H.B.L. successfully operates its banking sector in about 29 countries, including the U.S.A., France, Belgium, and Australia.

HBL Habib Bank Limited



Junaid Jamshed (late) was a singer who stepped into the fashion clothing industry in 2002 by opening an outlet. J. had made rapid and successful progress by offering a variety of fashion clothing for both men & women. Junaid Jamshed (J.) is the Pakistani clothing brand. J. has also offering teens and kids clothing. Recently they also launched a fragrance and amazing makeup collection, which is quite popular among women. J. have much demand in many countries; that’s why there is an outlet in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United State, and Canada.

Junaid Jamshed J.



Shan Foods is a powerful local brand that went famous globally that has a presence in over more than 65 countries across five continents such as Africa, Australia, North America, Europe, Middle East. The journey remarkable success journey started in 1981 when the dream of an entrepreneur, Mr. Sikander Sultan, achieved their dress. He is pioneering in the spice business with a single room operation.

shan foods


Bar. B. Q tonight

Bar. B. Q Tonight started serving authentic taste Pakistani dishes and its signature B.B.Q. dishes since the 10th of November in 1988. Bar. B. Q Tonight is one of the pioneers in true B.B.Q. dining. They have international outlets in Saudi Arabia., Dubai, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangladesh. They have exquisite quality and taste, serving varieties of cuisines to cater to every tongue, in its own unique style. 

bar b q tonight - Restaurant in Karachi Pakistan

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