August 6, 2020

4 Biggest Shopping Malls in Pakistan

4 Biggest Shopping Mall in Pakistan

Newly constructed shopping malls are planning new strategies to attract customers from their infrastructure and space inside the shopping malls. The ambiance is essential for a mall to lead the cream of customers floating in, the scope of food courts and its maintenance is also creating a lot of fuss among customers as variations in the menu can be attired under one roof. 

Lucky One Mall – Karachi

The lucky one Mall is a much-needed addition to Karachi’s northern flank and caters to the population situated in the center and north of Karachi. Luckyone owned by Yunus Brother, and it is the largest Mall, Pakistan’s history Built over an area of 3.4 million square feet. The Mall is huge and has the potential of becoming a major attraction among people all over Karachi. Since most of the modern malls are located in the southern part of Karachi, LuckyOne Management chose its site wisely, and its popularity will only grow with time. Lucky One is a leading shopping mall that has many facilities, including branding and local shops, playing area for children Wonderland, and their food court, where you can find varieties. They made prayer areas for men and women, which soothing the hearts of people.

biggest shopping mall in pakistan 

Emporium Mall – Lahore

Emporium Mall is the most majestic planned, and the largest Mall in Lahore expanded over an area of 115 kanals. It is built right in the hub of Johar Town, Lahore. The innovative infrastructure of the Mall diverts the attention of the people. It is a hub to more than 200 brands from local and international chains. Mall also has a huge Multiplex cinema, Supermart and Children’s play area. The Emporium Mall is very well managed and well designed. Everything is perfect, and the food court is full of different tastes.

emporium shopping mall Lahore 

Dolmen Mall – Clifton, Karachi

Dolmen Mall is a project of Dolmen Group, a perfect destination for families and youth to shop from their favorite brands and also have a meal from one of their favorite restaurants from the Dolmen Food Court. One of the best shopping malls in town, Dolmen Mall, has many branches in Karachi and offers exclusive access to some of the top renowned brands from Pakistan. Dolmen Mall is the standard Mall, which is considered as the best shopping in Pakistan that is recognized internationally.

Dolmen mall Karachi


Centaurus Mall – Islamabad

Centaurus mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the capital city, Islamabad. The Mall has the top-notch brands of Pakistan that impress the visitors. Moreover, more than 250 outlets are available with the top floor, wholly dedicated to the food court. The Mall is a remarkable piece of creation. The lifestyle icon of Islamabad, easily visible from all over the capital and is considered to be the biggest Mall in Pakistan.

Biggest Shopping mall in pakistan

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  1. Naeem Shahzad

    August 16, 2020

    The new biggest mall Inside Islamabad will be J7 Emporium Mall. It will have 26 floors which are more than Centaurus mall’s 23 floors. It will be a good investment opportunity to buy shops and bedrooms. For more details people can contact me on my email :, Whatsap:03365147796


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