July 25, 2020

Top 6 NGOs of Pakistan

Top 6 NGOs in Pakistan

We all aware of the word ‘generosity,’ which means to help a poor and needy person without any greed. This is also in our religion Islam, to serve humanity by helping the poor and needy person as humanity is consider as the strongest pillars that we must follow. 


NGOs or non-governmental organizations are the non-profit foundations that work for the dynamic conditions of depressed people. The foundations attend health, shelter, environment, rural, agricultural, educational, unemployment, and social troubles.

Edhi Foundation

There is none other than the Edhi Foundation, which is in the top list Of Ngos In Pakistan’s history. It is working across the world on a non-political basis and have Ngo Registration In Pakistan. The main aim of this foundation is to serve humanity round the clock without any discrimination of sects, religion, color, caste, and creed. Edhi Foundation founder was late Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi and Mrs. Bilquis Edhi; they have the famous and the most significant task force of ambulances in the world. After Edhi Sahab’s death, his son Faisal Edhi takes the responsibility of his father to serve poor and needy people.

NGOs of pakistan

Ansar Burney Trust International 

The Ansar Burney Trust International is among a non-profitable International NGO In Pakistan, that works for the needy human and civil rights through public donation and money generated through private firms. This organization is founded by the Ansar Burney and also directed by himself. This NGO is also handling the Prisoners Aid Society to help innocent people by letting them free from prisoners. This organization has a brilliant establishment that ensures the lawfulness and legality in Pakistan.

Ansar Burney Trust in pakistan

Darul Sakun

Darul Sakun is a home for the special children who are mentally disabled and also have an old age house for adults who are alone and have been left by their own family due to issues. Darul Sakun is an exceptional center for needy people. Darul Sakun founded by Sr. Gertrude, who visited these kinds of people from Holland but made up her mind to work for these people. In this way, she opened a home for special children and old age adults. 

top NGO in pakistan

Saylani Welfare International Trust

Saylani Welfare International Trust is one of the most famous NGOs in Pakistan, that is working for poor people by helping them in different platforms. This NGO gives people free food every single day without any discrimination on religion, sects as their main motto are to serve human. Every single penny is being spent on needy people. This organization has become the backbone of poor society. 

Saylani NGO in pakistan

Chhipa Welfare Association

The Chhipa Welfare Association is a non-profit organization the same as the Edh Foundation does for the poor. The purpose of Chippa’s welfare is to serve pure humanity. The founder of this NGO is Ramzan Chhipa, who has a heart of gold to provide all types of help to a needy person. This foundation also helps newly born babies to survive most appropriately.

top NGOs in pakistan

JDC Welfare Organization

Jafari Disaster Management Cell is also known as JDC, is renowned welfare and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). JDC operates an ambulance set-up in Karachi and helps in an emergency and relief efforts after disasters. Syed Shehanshah Hussain Naqvi is the founder of JDC Welfare.

JDC Foundation Pakistan

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